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Lince Capital

Our main mission is to create value for the subscribers of investment funds and venture capital through professional and innovative management of their assets. We are guided by the values of Competence, Experience, Integrity, Independence and Dedication.

Venture Capital Funds

We are looking for projects with high growth potential, and which allow our management team to help develop them with their knowledge and experience actively and together with entrepreneurs.

Support to the management of subsidiaries

We carry out technical, financial, administrative and commercial management studies of the subsidiaries, in order to actively support their growth. We become shareholders, partners and we are part of the team!

Conducting studies

We carry out technical-economic and feasibility studies for companies or new investment projects, in order to select the most interesting projects to invest.

Validation of the financial model

Before the investment decision is taken, studies are carried out with the aim of getting to know the company in detail and studying its feasibility and financing models necessary for its development and growth.

Lince Capital Experience

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Why Lince Capital?

Extended Network
  • The experience and know-how developed over the last few years have allowed us to create a wide network of trusted contacts in the various sectors in which we operate;
  • Direct access to the most varied business areas allow us to develop new projects in new areas.
Strategic Partnerships
  • Validation of all investments with professionals dedicated to each sector, ensuring the quality and feasibility of each decision taken;
  • Valuing transparent and trusting relationships with all business partners, generating the constant possibility of developing new synergies and successful projects.
Speed of Execution
  • Independent team, specialized in the various sectors of activity, which enables quick and easy analysis of investment projects and a short and effective decision center;
  • Recognition in the market and commitment to transparent and trusting relationships contribute to speedy execution and the creation of additional value.


We have an excellence team, focused on quality, innovation and relationships based on trust and transparency with all investors and partners.

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