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Lince Growth Fund I

Lince Growth Fund I is a private equity investment fund that invests, through equity, quasi-equity and debt instruments, in small and medium-sized Portuguese companies with high growth and appreciation potential. The fund is registered for a certain period of time and is governed according to the Asset Management Regime, attached to Law No. 27/2023, of 28 April, being regulated by the CMVM.

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Investment Strategy

The Fund seeks to invest in companies with stable businesses and high growth and appreciation potential.

The Fund intends to present a balanced portfolio, diversifying its investments across various industries and investment strategies to optimize the risk-return ratio.

– Industrial;
– Circular Economy.
Company Profile
– Solid SMEs that are well established in the market but face succession problems and/or have growth opportunities;
– Companies with a high export capacity.
– We invest through equity, quasi-equity and/or debt instruments;
– Ticket sizes range from €1,5M to €5M, depending on the company-specific characteristics;
– We preferably hold a majority stake in the capital structure, ensuring control of the company.

Obtain access to Golden Visa when investing in the Lince Growth Fund I

The Fund will invest at least 60 per cent of the total value in commercial companies based in Portugal and is not intended to invest directly or indirectly in real estate, therefore it is eligible to the Golden Visa.

To obtain a Golden Visa through the acquisition of participation units in investment funds, the minimum amount is €500.000.

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