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Golden Visa Portugal: what is it?

Created in 2012, the Residence Permit for Investors program, better known as Golden Visa, provides a temporary residence visa in Portugal and free access to the Schengen area, for the holder and his/her immediate family. This visa can be obtained through a series of investments in the country.

How can you invest?

The investment can be made through the acquisition of participation units in investment funds, among others. The amounts allowed vary for the different types of acquisition and there are also some restrictions regarding the areas of the country in which you can invest. Only a few investment funds are eligible to obtain a Golden Visa in Portugal.

Golden Visa Investment funds Portugal Lince Capital

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What are the benefits?

By acquiring the Golden Visa residence permit, you will have a series of benefits:

  • Possibility of living and working in Portugal for 5 years:
    • For the entire household;
    • You can still obtain a permanent residence permit after this period, with no validity limit.
  • Free circulation throughout the Schengen area.

Golden Visa: Funds VS Real Estate Investment

The great advantage of obtaining Golden Visa through funds is the freedom to invest in any sector and/or geographic area of Portugal. With the amendments to the ARI Golden Visa law, in force from January 2022, investors are now prevented from acquiring residential properties for Golden Visa purposes in Lisbon, Porto and Coastal Areas such as the Algarve.

To obtain a Golden Visa through the acquisition of units in investment funds, the minimum amount is €500,000.

Funds elegible to Golden Visa

Investment Fund aiming to invest in Portuguese companies with high growth and appreciation potential.
Investment Fund aiming to invest in Portuguese companies with a strong focus on Innovation and Research & Deve

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